The history is begun today. Not my history but my best friend’s history. She’s getting married today. She’s marrying her classmate at Junior and Senior High School. I attended her ijab qabul this morning. I am so happy to see her marry although in the early 2013 I said that it was me who would get married first. She replied that she really hoped that it would be me who married first. However, the reality is different and … It doesn’t change my mind that I am happy for her.

Barakallahu Resha Aulina and her piety spouse: Sudarmanto.


About sulthanah

Just a woman who have been travelling so far to find her true self. Ketika seseorang sungguh-sungguh menginginkan sesuatu, seluruh semesta akan bersinergi mewujudkan impiannya.
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2 Responses to (RENUNGAN) SABTU, 8 JUNI 2013

  1. resha aulina says:

    thanks for everything my sister…, i hope you will be soon (bener ga nih bahasanya… hehehe..)

  2. sulthanah says:

    Welcome…InshaAllah Allah has prepared something beautiful for me.

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