There is nothing wrong with anxiety.
Although we cannot control God’s time, it is part of the human condition to want to receive the thing we are waiting for as quickly as possible.
Or to drive away whatever is causing our fear. . . .
Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it—just as we have learned to live with storms.

“Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it—just as we have learned to live with storms.”

“Scars speak more loudly than the sword that caused them.”

“Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force.
Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning.
Don’t give up. Remember, it’s always the last key on the key ring that opens the door.”

“And if I’m alone in bed, I will go to the window, look up at the sky, and feel certain that loneliness is a lie, because the Universe is there to keep me company.”

“For those who are not frightened by the solitude, everything will have a different taste.

In solitude, they will discover the love that might otherwise arrive unnoticed.

In solitude, they will understand and respect the love that left them.

In solitude, they will be able to decide whether it is worth asking that lost love to come back or if they should simply let it go and set off along a new path.

In solitude, they will learn that saying ‘No’ does not always show a lack of generosity and that saying ‘Yes’ is not always a virtue.

And those who are alone at this moment, need never be frightened by the words of the devil: ‘You’re wasting your time.’

Or by the chief demon’s even more potent words: ‘No one cares about you.’

The Divine Energy is listening to us when we speak to other people, but also when we are still and silent and able to accept solitude as a blessing.

And when we achieve that harmony, we receive more than we asked for.”

“Never miss an opportunity to show your love, especially to those close to you, because we are always at our most cautious with them for fear of being hurt.”

“Excessive caution destroys the soul and the heart, because living is an act of courage, and an act of courage is always an act of love.”

“If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself.”

“A rose dreams of enjoying the company of bees, but none appears. The sun asks:

“Aren’t you tired of waiting?”

“Yes,” answers the rose, “but if I close my petals, I will wither and die.”

“Don’t try to be useful. Try to be yourself: that is enough & that makes all the difference.”

“Defeat is for the valiant. Only they will know the honour of losing and the joy of winning
I am not here to tell you that defeat is a part of life: we all know that. Only the defeated know Love. Because it is in the realm of love that we fight our first battles – and generally lose.
I am here to tell you that there are people who have never been defeated.
They are the ones who never fought.
They managed to avoid scars, humiliations, feelings of helplessness, as well as those moments when even warriors doubt the existence of God.’’

“None of us can know what tomorrow will hold, because each day has its good and its bad moments.”

“Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning.
Don’t give up. Remember, it’s always the last key on the key ring that opens the door.”

“Life will undertake to separate us, and we must each set off in search of our own path, our own destiny or our own way of facing death.”

“only the defeated know LOVE.
because it is in the realm of love that we
fight our first battles – and generally lose ……..”

“Love rules, but no one knows where it has its throne; in order to know that secret place, you must first submit to Love.”

“Defeat is for those who, despite their fears, live with enthusiasm and faith.”

“What was broken will never be the same again.”

“Does a leaf, when it falls from the tree in winter, feel defeated by the cold?

The tree says to the leaf:
“That’s the cycle of life. You may think you’re going to die, but you live on in me. It’s thanks to you that I’m alive, because I can breathe. It’s also thanks to you that I have felt loved, because I was able to give shade to the weary traveller. Your sap is in my sap; we are one thing.”

“You might have lost some major battles, but you survived and you’re still here.”

“Our task is not to leave a record of what happened on this date for those who will inherit the Earth; history will take care of that.”

“In the cycle of nature there is no such thing as victory or defeat; there is only movement.”

“Only he who gives up is defeated. Everyone else is victorious.”

“Defeat ends when we launch into another battle. Failure has no end: it is a lifetime choice.”

“solitude is not absence of love, but its complement”

“Love is an act of faith in another person, not an act of surrender.”

“Allowing someone else to make us happy will make them happy too.”

“The simplest things in life are the most extraordinary. Let them reveal themselves.”

Love transforms, Love heals. But sometimes it lays deadly traps and ends up destroying the person who decided to surrender himself completely.”

“You will be loved and respected only if you love and respect yourself.”

“The greatest gift God gave us is the power to make decisions.”

“When everything seems to be going well and your dream is almost within your gasp, that is when you must be more alert than ever.”

“Beware of anyone who tries to please you all the time.”

“Because we managed to keep our heart open, despite the pain.
Because we realized that the person who left us did not take the sun with them or leave darkness in their place.”

“I fell asleep and dreamed that life was only Happiness.
I woke and discovered that life was Duty.
I did my Duty and discovered that life was Happiness.”

“One of Love’s qualities–namely, Forgiveness.”

“If you are never alone you cannot know yourself. And if you do not know yourself, you will begin to fear the void.”

“Love is an act of faith, not an exchange.
Contradictions are what make love grow. Conflicts are what allow love to remain by our side.”

“No one can go back, but everyone can go forward.”

“One person’s courage will help the other person to be equally brave.”

“Never try to please everyone; if you do, you will be respected by no one.”

“Elegance is not an outer quality, but a part of the soul that is visible to others.”

“Although we cannot control God’s time, it is part of the human condition to want to receive the things we are waiting as quickly as possible.”

“The great wisdom of life is to realize that we can be the master of the things that try to enslave us.”

“Loving means being open to miracles, to victories and defeats, to everything that happens each day that was given us to walk upon the face of the Earth.”

“In desperate attempt to give meaning to life, many turn to religion, because a struggle in the name of a faith is always a justification for some grand action that could transform the world.

‘We are doing God’s work,’ they tell themselves.

And they become devout followers, then evangelists and, finally, fanatics.

They don’t understand that religion was created in order to share the mystery and to worship, not to oppress or convert others. The great manifestation of the miracle of God is life. Tonight, I will weep for you, O Jerusalem, because that understanding of the Divine Unity is about to disappear for the next one thousand years.”

“Scars are medals branded on the flesh, and your enemies will be frightened by them because they are proof of your long experience of battle.”

“We assume (falsely) that how we feel now is how we will feel in the future.”

“Nothing in this world is useless in the eyes of God.”

“For example, two people might be cooking the same meal and using exactly the same ingredients, but one is pouring Love into what he does and the other is merely trying to fill his belly. The result will be completely different, even though Love is not something that can be seen or weighed. The person making the Offering is always rewarded. The more he shares out his affection, the more his affection grows.”

“Instead of accepting ourselves as we are, we try to imitate what we see around us.”

“The feeling of uselessness is no respecter of age and never asks permission, but instead corrodes people’s souls, repeating over and over: ‘No one is interested in you, you’re nothing, the world doesn’t need your presence.”

“Even you, the person asking the question. ‘I’m useless’ is the answer you give yourself. Soon that answer will poison you and you will die while still alive, even though you still walk, eat, sleep and try to have a little fun whenever possible. Don’t try to be useful. Try to be yourself: that is enough, and that makes all the difference.”

“Sometimes taking part in a great battle will be the thing that will help to change the course of history. But sometimes you can do that simply by smiling, for no reason, at someone you happen to pass in the street. Without intending to, you might have saved the life of a complete stranger, who also thought he was useless and might have been ready to kill himself – until a smile gave him new hope and confidence.”

“We are afraid to change because we think that, after so much effort and sacrifice, we know our present world. And even though that world might not be the best of all worlds, and even though we may not be entirely satisfied with it, at least it won’t give us any nasty surprises. We won’t go wrong. When necessary, we will make a few minor adjustments so that everything continues the same.”

“It’s nice to dream that we will have plenty of time in the future to do our travelling and that, one day, we will travel. It cheers us up because we know that we are capable of doing more than we do. Dreaming carries no risks. The dangerous thing is trying to transform your dreams into reality.”

“Only someone capable of honoring each ste he takes can comprehend his own worth.”


About sulthanah

Just a woman who have been travelling so far to find her true self. Ketika seseorang sungguh-sungguh menginginkan sesuatu, seluruh semesta akan bersinergi mewujudkan impiannya.
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