(TK2H)’The King 2 Hearts’ The Meaning of ‘2 Hearts’

n May 24th, the very last episode of the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ was aired on MBC. The drama ended with a happily ever after ending which brought joy to the viewers. The last episode shows perfectly why ‘2 Hearts’ is part of the title of the drama, instead of it just being ‘The King.’

It has been reported that the name of the drama changed numerous times before it began airing. It changed from ‘The King’ to ‘King2Hearts’ to ‘The King 2 Hurts’ and then finally became ‘The King 2 Hearts.’

Many people assume that the ‘2 Hearts’ is referring to the two main characters of the drama, Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) and Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won). However, it has been revealed that ‘2 Hearts’ had a deeper meaning than that. ‘2 Hearts’ in the title was added to represent North and South Korea who eventually compromise with each other to become one peaceful nation.

The last scene of the drama is very symbolic of the title. When Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah enter the ceremony while holding hands, it successfully represents the peace between the two nations. The importance of ‘peace’ has been emphasized various times throughout the drama. Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah strive to avoid an outbreak of any type of war involving North and/or South Korea.
Although the ‘2 Hearts’ in the title seems simple and direct, there had been a deeper meaning hidden behind it all along; to emphasize the importance of the unity of North and South Korea.



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