(TK2H) The world created by Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won will linger for a long time…

I have to end my craziness to The King 2 Hearts. This show is really like a drug which can make me addicted. I have spent my life for two months (December till January) only to search and read everything related to The King 2 Hearts. I have not done anything except to watch the series, to go browsing on blogs which wrote about it (example: I read a recap from dramabean and all comments there, I also go to soompi forum which discussed about it and wrote my opinion there. I never did to other drama before. Plus, I also read the recap on Koalaplayground which I am sure she doesn’t have the same thought as Girl Friday on dramabean. Well, I really like to read Girl Friday’s thoughts and Ms. Koala’s thoughts in the end of their recap). I cracked on the comments written by rear windows, ilikemangoes, AnnMichelle, etc on dramabean. This drama is not only entertaining but also educating (I am now finding myself study about metaphor, characteristic and characterization, plot, theme, setting, etc like what I did in 2002-2005 when I was studying about English Literature at my college.) Shinca, I have been crazy because of this show. I want to stop my craziness. I have to move on from this show and continue my life.

What PD Lee Ja Kyu said was right. “The world created by Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won will linger for a long time…”

Well, it’s true. The King 2 Hearts is the only drama which I have to know the major and minor character.

Now, I knew about Choi Kwon (an actor who acted as Kwon Young Bae) as I knew about Lee Sung Gi. Indeed Choi Kwon played a minor character as a sniper Young Bae in The King 2 Hearts but I love him as I love Lee Sung Gi and Ha Ji won. So, I searched everything related to him. All I knew is he acted in Tasty Life, Cruel City, Operation Proposal (it’s a minor character. He only showed up in episode 6. But, when I saw him act along Yoo Seung Ho, I said to myself, he is the sniper in The King 2 Hearts.

I also knew about Kwon Hyung Sang. It’s not his real name actually. I also found that his father is a good director in K-entertainment industry. Superb, right. Now, he is the leading role in his current indie film. Oh, nooooooo!! I have to stop the craziness soon.

And Ri Kang Suk…hmmm… I actually often watched his movies but I really have no idea to know more about him. But, it is The King 2 Hearts which make me want to know more about him. He is Joo Man Shik. I found him in Miracle in Cell Number 7, a blockbuster movie in 2012.

TK2H, now, you know what you have done to me. What should I do? Oetoeke?.

Ok, I want to write about actor and actress who acted there.

1. Ha Ji Won
Hi, unnie… You have to know that Kim Hang Ah make me want to know more about you. So, I watched your Family Outing. (You should know that It was the first time for me to watch a Korean Variety Show, lol) I found that you were so cute there but you can’t cook. Lol. I also found that you have never been away from your parents and manager. What should I say about it? Lol.

In Running Man episode 86 I also found that you are not so athletics as you are in your movie. But, what I can say is … I love you as Kim Hang Ah. You and Hang Ah is the same person. So, I try to love you and forget your weaknesses. LOL.

Please, get married soon. With Lee Sung Gi of course. Lol. You and Lee Sung Gi are my favorit OTP in the K-drama. I hope it can be true but…. I knew the gap age is so far. Let you know that I ever had a blind date with a man 9 years younger than me. Lol (just like you and Lee Sung Gi, right) He was ready to marry me but no. no. no. Aniaaaaa!!! I knew your feeling Unnie. It’s difficult. It’s really difficult, right. However, what should I say? I can not let to imagine you and him to be together and have cute babies. Lol.

Ok, I think Binnie is a good one too. You and he have 4 different ages but he never call you noona. So, maybe he has a crush on you. I hope if it’s not Lee Sung Gi, it will be Hyun Bin. (Please, start to learn how to cook! Lol.)

However, like Kitty Lai Mei Han and Tony Leung Chiu Wai in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, you and Lee Sung Gi will still remain as my favorite couple. You have to know that Kitty Lai and Tony Leung have become my favorite couple since 1995. So, it has been 19 years I have a crush on them and still pray that they will be together someday.

2. Lee Sung Gi
Dear Lee Sung Gi. I am not your fan before. My friends like you but I am not. But, It is Lee Jae Ha who has stolen my heart. You acted so well there. Yes, I saw your Gu Family Book. You are not bad there. However, I fall in love with you due to The King 2 Hearts. Yes, I watched GFB first than TK2H. Sadly, GFB didn’t make me fall in love to you.

You should know that I finish watching The King 2 Hearts in December 2013. Then, in the first of Januay 2014 I read your news. You have dated Im Yoo Na. Ouh Gosh. My heart was painful in that time. I have got a broken heart. Lol. No, no, not because I love you but because I love you and Ha Ji Won unnie be together in the reel and real life. Lol.

Yes, you are Ha Ji Won’s fan. But, it doesn’t mean that you love her, right? And … you age gap is so far. But, please give a chance to love her. (well, I am writing this hope while I am listening your Love is Crying from Budokan concert.) This song is sooooo Lee Jae Ha. You remember this song, right? Your OST in the King 2 Hearts.

3. Jo Jung Suk
Hi… .You have international fans now. Lol. Me. I am an Indonesian. I never watched your film before. Ouh yes… I watched you on Architecture 101 before but I didn’t recognize you. Sorry. It is the King 2 Hearts that make me be your international fan. You and Lee Yoon Ji are aweso

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  1. reglest says:

    kkkk, nice to read that 😉

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