Each episode of The King 2 Hearts has some scenes which capture my hearts.

Episode 1
When the WOC team in the canteen for eating. Especially, when Lee Jae Ha hit Eun Shi Kyung’s chair and he fell down. Also, when Lee Jae Ha said that his batallion met Kwon Yung Bae’s batallion. Look at Young Bae’s face! I am officially Choi Kwon’s fan now.

Episode 2
Restroom scene. When Hang Ah is on top Jae Ha.
Bedroom scene. When Lee Jae Ha starts unpacking his skincare collection, and her jaw drops at the metrosexual explosion. She marvels at how there could even be that many different things to put on a face, and asks if she can use some.

He blocks her like a kid hoarding his toys, but then decides on second thought that he could get some petty revenge. He happily offers her a heaping handful of something. She puts it on and then asks why it feels so funny…

“Oops. I’m so sorry! That was shaving cream!” It’s not even that good as far as revenge plots go, but he gets a big kick out of it. Lol.

Bedroom scene. When Lee Jae Ha kisses Hang Ah’s neck.

Episode 3
Treadmill scene.
Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah bickering in front of their general.
Underwear incident scene. Lol forever.

Episode 4
Marching scene. Especially when Kim Hang Ah take cares of Lee Jae Ha’s wound and when they are in the edge of a river. So sweet. In addition, the background music Love is Crying by K Will and followed by Missing You like Crazy….I am melting.

Episode 5
Podium scene when Lee Jae Ha confesses his feeling to Kim Hang Ah ridicioulsly. LOL.
Then, the first meeting in Jeju especially the heart doughnut which is refused by Kim Hang Ah. Also, when Ree Kang So goes to Lee Jae Ha at dinner. Lol

Episode 6
A barefoot scene when Kim Hang Ah runs slowly to Lee Jae Ha and without hesitation, Lee Jae Ha hugs her back. Ouhhh nooooo!!

Piano scene with the metaphor.

Episode 7
Dinner scene with all the royal family member. Who is the heodang one? Kim Hang Ah or Lee Jae Ha. Hehe. Lee Jae Ha said that Kim Hang Ah is heodang however in the reality it is Lee Sung Gi (who acted as Lee Jae Ha) is the heaodang one.


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  1. Mawiie says:

    Nice! I discover your blog while reading comments on “Musings of a Twinkie” (I’m one of the writers). I’ve followed this drama since it first aired in 2012, and I’m still madly in love with it even 2 years after! Good to know there are still people discovering this gem!

    Sharing this post with you because there’s a fan art project I made that you may find cute ^^ http://koreandramareviews.com/eye-candy-of-the-week-january-25th/

    If you want to chat about this drama I’m around on twitter!

  2. sulthanah says:

    I’ve already followed you on Twitter. thanks for visiting here

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