I think all of you know that I am really addicted to The King 2 Hearts. Till today I still search anything to this show. I remember about the poem recited by Lee Jae Ha in episode 6. I want to analyze it *shit, you know what this drama can influence me so much. I am studying again about poem and anything related to literature.

The flowers have already fallen
The brief light of spring has now dried up
The rain that falls through the night
One stem of the plaintain tree rises

(source of poem is from dramabean)

Well, ok, it’s difficult for me to analyze using English. I will translate it into Indonesian then let’s write freely using Indonesia.

Bunga-bunga telah mekar
Cahaya musim semi telah mengering
Hujan yang turun sepanjang malam
Satu batang tanaman tumbuh berkembang


About sulthanah

Just a woman who have been travelling so far to find her true self. Ketika seseorang sungguh-sungguh menginginkan sesuatu, seluruh semesta akan bersinergi mewujudkan impiannya.
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